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Crown Perth valet smashes two Lamborghini Aventadors owned by Laurence Escalante

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It’s hard to imagine motoring situations worse than a parking valet smashing your $1 million Lamborghini during a night out.

But a valet smashing your prized Lambo into your other Lamborghini definitely ups the ante.

Aussie billionaire Lawrence Escalante had a night to forget on Wednesday, when two of his prized cars were damaged during a parking accident at Crown Perth.

The high-powered examples of Lamborghini’s Aventador Ultimae – the final version of Lambo’s flagship supercar – appear to have suffered relatively minor damage at the hands of casino staff.

Crown Perth has been contacted for comment.

Viral video of the incident’s aftermath shows a teal coloured Lambo that crashed into a purple Lamborghini, as well as a low wall outside the casino.

A shocked driver at the wheel of the teal car can be heard saying “Help! I’ve really f—– it up”, before stepping out of the car to survey the scene.

The driver tells onlookers “I was trying to park it just like everybody else”, before blaming pedals placed “too close together”

“I was pressing the brake,” he said.

Footage published by Australian jiu-jitsu champion Craig Jones on Instagram shows a cheeky onlooker telling the valet “you can’t park there”, while questioning the driver’s excuse.

“Nah. You revved it up and f—– it,” the onlooker said.

A spokesman for Mr Escalante confirmed both cars belonged to the billionaire entrepreneur, who has an impressive exotic car collection.

“We appreciate accidents happen and most importantly no one was injured,” the spokesman said.

“Crown is working positively with us to fix the cars and put this behind us all.”

Priced from $992,653 plus options and on-road costs that push its cost into seven-figure territory, the Ultimae Roadster is one of Australia’s most expensive cars.

The V12-powered monster has sold out around the world, and repairs are not likely to be cheap.

When we had a chance to test-drive the cheaper Lamborghini Huracan STO on track at Phillip Island last year, Lamborghini driving instructors pleaded for media to be careful with a front bumper that costs more than €20,000 ($31,000) to replace – before labour and workshop costs.

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