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Couple horrifies commuters by having sex on Sydney train on Valentine’s Day

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Passengers received an unwanted Valentine’s Day experience on Tuesday after a couple mistook a Sydney train for their love shack while on their evening commute.

The frisky pair were caught red-handed by travellers on the T9 Northern line, which journeys between the suburbs of Normanhurst and Gordon, via Central Station.

Footage shared to captured the moment a passionate kiss between a man and woman quickly escalated to a more explicit act that had transport staff begging them to “put (their) clothes on”.

One irritated passenger was forced to move seats after the couple started “furiously making out” while recording themselves in the act.

“I felt uncomfortable so I moved further away in the carriage,” the horrified passenger told

“Then I heard sucking noises.”

The couple’s love scene didn’t end there, with the video showing the woman appearing to grind on top of the man.

“That’s when the guard asked them to stop. (They said) ‘I know it’s Valentine’s Day but please have respect for the passengers around you’,” the witness said.

“Then later they said: ‘Your behaviour has been offensive and you will be reported.’”

A voice coming through a train loudspeaker in the footage can be heard desperately urging the couple to stop what they were doing, saying: “Stop what you are doing right now….please.”

The couple appeared unperturbed by the announcement, prompting the voice behind the loudspeaker to beg: “Put your clothes back on please, thank you.”

A Transport for NSW spokesperson told that while the department does its best to make commuter safety and comfort its number one priority, there’s a “small minority that spoil it for others”.

“We have access to more than 11,000 CCTV cameras and work closely with the Police Transport Command to target and deter anti-social behaviour on our trains,” the spokesperson said.

“Always report any anti-social behaviour or harassment to your driver, guard or station staff, via a station help point, or by calling 131 500. In an emergency always call NSW Police on triple-0.”

It’s not the first time a Sydney train passenger has been risque while on their commute, with one man’s X-rated act going viral last year.

The video, which amassed over 1.4 million views, was uploaded with the caption: “Man caught masturbating on Sydney train”.

NSW Police were involved after they were notified a man had allegedly exposed himself to passengers and committed a sexual act on the morning of June 29.

“Police were notified and officers from Gosford Police and Transport Command boarded the train at Gosford Railway Station,” a NSW Police spokesperson told at the time.

Witnesses in the video said the man had removed his belt “and all” and was caught with his fly undone.

The 20-year-old man was arrested and charged with wilful and obscene exposure in a public place and behaving in an offensive manner in a public passenger vehicle, before appearing at Gosford Local Court on July 14.

In NSW, wilful and obscene exposure in a public place comes with a $1100 fine or six months imprisonment.

Meanwhile, behaving in an offensive manner in a public passenger vehicle can also result in a $1100 fine.

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