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Couple hit with $1200 bill for two drinks at infamous Mykonos DK Oyster bar

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A couple has claimed they were hit with a staggering €800 ($A1200) bill for two drinks, four crab legs and a salad at a notorious Greek restaurant.

Jessica Yarnall, 31, and Adam Hagaun, 30, say they believed cocktails to be €25 ($A40) each when they ordered at DK Oyster bar in Mykonos.

However the pair said that after enjoying two mojitos, four crab legs and a Greek salad, they were handed a bill for a staggering $A1200, The Sun reports.

When they challenged the bill, they claim staff produced a “shot glass” sized drink that they then told the pair was an example of the €25 ($A40) mojito and informed them that their mojitos were priced at €100 ($A155) per drink.

Ms Yarnall, a hair stylist from Montana in the US, said she and Mr Hagaun, a construction worker, were left in disbelief at the shocking sum but the staff insisted that they paid up, so they settled the bill in cash and left.

“There were waiters outside trying to get people in. They asked if we wanted to eat and we said we’d get one drink,” she said.

“I’d asked for a menu with prices to make sure it was in our price range. The menu made it seem like a really affordable place to eat.

“We sat down and talked about whether to eat or not. They were very pushy. We thought maybe that’s how it is and we didn’t want to be rude,” Ms Yarnall said.

“We asked what was good and they said crab legs and a Greek salad so we said, ‘OK let us think about it,’ then they brought out bread rolls.

“We told them we didn’t order anything yet and they said we had. There was a little bit of a language barrier so we think when we said we’d think about it he thought we meant yes so when we were trying to work out how much it was going to cost they started bringing out the food and they said we definitely ordered this,” she said.

“It was a forceful moment where we didn’t want to be weird about it but we were also trying to relax. We didn’t want to get into an argument with a server.

“When he walked away, I asked my boyfriend if he was all right eating it and he said yes. I told him it would probably be a little bit expensive and he said we should just do it.

“I thought worst case scenario it would be $300. We were expecting it to be a little more expensive but not as much as it was with the quality of the food,” Ms Yarnall said.

“Adam got the bill and said, ‘It’s bad.’ It was over €800 ($A1200) and I thought, ‘Absolutely not,’ so I went to the manager and said I was really confused and wanted to see an itemised bill.”

When discussing the bill, Ms Yarnall said she googled the menu and showed it said €25 ($A40) for a mojito but her bill said €100 ($A155).

“It looked like €38 ($A60) for a crab leg – it was €38 ($A60) for a gram of crab leg and there’s a minimum you have to order,” she said.

“He came to the bar and slammed down a shot glass and said, ‘That’s a €25 ($A40) mojito, you ordered a €100 ($A155) mojito’ and I told him I did not and that I wasn’t given choices.

“They charged €100 ($A155) for the grossest mojito, the mint wasn’t nice. It was disgusting.

“He said we were paying the bill. He didn’t want to have a conversation. They said we had to pay the bill.

“We were so taken aback that we thought we’d pay the damn bill and get out of there. We were super upset.”

On its website, DK Oyster bar, which is beside Platys Gialos beach, is described as the “destination of luxury and style” in “one of the world’s top destinations”.

The Montana couple had spent two years saving for their Greek holiday.

Ms Yarnall said while they were at the beach bar they saw other customers “freaking out” about their own bills.

Due to the astronomical bill, the couple had to cut back on spending for the rest of their trip.

She claims that as well as being the most expensive meal out they had, it was also the worst.

The notorious Greek restaurant has already been slammed with one-star reviews after a guest was charged $A520 for a fish dinner last year.

Another couple was also charged a whopping $A800 for four drinks and a snack while dining at the restaurant last year.

DK Oyster’s Tripadvisor page is flooded with negative comments from customers who allege they experienced similar treatment.

One reviewer wrote: “Don’t get fooled by their free beds by the beach. They recover the cost by charging you overpriced drinks and food! Their mojito cost $58 each and it’s not even good.”

Another said: “I’m not going to get hot under the collar, as I’ve been there and done that. This is an advisory notice to not enter these premises on any circumstances.

“Unless you want to just give your money away for ridiculously overpriced food and drink. Seriously beware of this money pit.”

DK Oyster hits back

DK Oyster bar owner Dimitrios Kalamaras said Ms Yarnall’s account was inaccurate but refused to state what was inaccurate in it – however he acknowledged that some of their fees can be “perceived as high prices”.

Another tourist, Jak Kypri, has also revealed how he was charged $A630 for four drinks and a snack at the “rip-off” restaurant.

The tourist from London said he thought he wouldn’t be ripped off because he spoke Greek.

“I thought if they try to scam me I’ll tell them to p**s off and give me the real price.”

To his horror, Jak was handed a bill for an eye-watering €425 ($A660).

However, Mr Dimitrios defended his prices at the time, bragging they are simply ‘beyond the budget’ of some of his visitors.

The restaurateur said in August: “This false claim has been used so much against our restaurant by dozens of anonymous users in Tripadvisor, that we decided to place three huge black boards by the entrance of the restaurant displaying the menu and the prices.

“I thought that this way our guests, if the reviews were indeed written by actual customers, would at least have an idea regarding the range of our prices in order to be sure to check the menu thoroughly before ordering.

“Every time I received such a complaint, always by anonymous users through Tripadvisor, I consulted with the personnel, reminding that it is crucial for our reputation to be sure that procedures are followed carefully.

“They always assured me that they abide by the rules. So, I used Tripadvisor to encourage our guests to always browse carefully through the menu and the prices.

“I cannot stop every single person entering our premises and explain the significance of such a practice. It would be ridiculous.

“I understand that some people may find our prices beyond their budget and I totally respect their opinion even if they do not appreciate the value of our services, cuisine, concept and experience.

“We believe that the value of the offered experience is high and we have no intention to explain why we charge more than a supermarket or a traditional taverna, which can be quite wonderful but is surely a completely different concept than ours.”

Mr Dimitrios also said that “no adult in their right mind” would order a drink without seeing how much it costs first and told customers to discuss the price with the manager before they order.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission

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