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Couple has a surprise visit from a snake after it popped out from the engine

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A couple travelling back home from a holiday discovered their car had become home to an unwelcome guest when a snake popped out of the engine.

Kerry Jenkins, her partner and her child were driving home to Forster in northern New South Wales after holidaying near Coffs Harbour, when a fluorescent green looking snake started slithering across the car bonnet and onto the windscreen.

Originally revealed in a now viral TikTok with over three million likes, Ms Jenkins and her partner reacted strongly to the snake encounter, especially after it appeared to violently flop around on the car’s windscreen.

“Oh it’s a green (tree) snake, babe you need to pull over,” she exclaimed. “So I can just get out.”

Her partner refused to stop the car despite being frightened.

“It’s so f******ng scary,” he said. I’m not getting out. Do they bite?”

The couple slowed the car as they came off the highway and despite there being no sign of the snake on the car anymore, Ms Jenkins said “I don’t think it came out. It wasn’t on the road.”

Her initial instinct turned out to be correct, in a follow up video, she explained in the caption that her partner and her assumed the snake “would just fly off” and they didn’t think it would have “held on for so long.”

“Once we pulled over we could see it was still hanging onto the front grill. It slid onto the ground and then back up into the under motor,” she said. “A fellow helped us look, with no success.”

Once home, the family waited overnight and despite searching again for the snake the next day, they found nothing and assumed the snake had escaped.

But as of yesterday, Ms Jenkins claimed when her partner popped the bonnet, the snake “was sitting on top of the motor, my partner dropped the bonnet afraid (massive snake phobia) I opened it back up and we could see his tail sliding back into a crevice.”

One user in the comments said “An average day in Australia.”

Another user got creative and wrote a funny pun “It’s OK, it’s a window viper.”

Story Credit: news.com.au

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