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Cotton On Kids crop tops: Controversy over new kidswear line

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The latest Cotton On Kids brand has stirred up controversy after one item drew criticism from parents.

The childrenswear arm of the Australian fashion favourite released its activewear range for ages 1-16 with a campaign on the brand’s social media.

Photos shared with Cotton On Kids’ more than 500,000 followers show girls wearing full-length tights and crop tops in shades of purple, pink and green.

The seemingly innocent photo of the children enjoying the beach has somehow managed to attract a spate of criticism from people in the comments sections.

“Why do little girls need to be flashing their bellies so young?” one person wrote.

“Why are we putting children in crop tops? This is absurd!” another said.

One person went so far as to suggest the clothing item – which shows the young girls midriffs – was “sexualising” children.

“Sexualising children again Cotton On?” the person complained.

However, many people jumped into the comments to defend the beloved brand, suggesting the problem doesn’t lie with the clothing but rather with the idea that a child’s stomach is considered sexual.

“What is sexual about a crop top? It’s not a push up bra,” one woman commented.

“My girls love wearing crops to acre, gym and dance classes because it gives them freedom of movement.”

“If you think a belly is sexual then there’s something wrong with how you view little kids,” another person said.

“It’s a crop top, not nipple tassels, calm down,” a third person wrote.

NCA NewsWire has contacted Cotton On for comment.

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