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Conspiracy theorist clashes with Australian radio host John Laws in heated election debate

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Radio legend John Laws did not mince words when a prolific conspiracy theorist called his talk back show and tried to take over.

The host of the John Laws Show on 2SM swiftly and expertly shut down political aspirant Dave “Guru” Graham on Tuesday after he called in and began trying to introduce himself.

“For the people who don’t know me . . . I’ll be running for the Upper House (at the NSW election),” Graham began.

Laws interjected, telling the “sovereign citizen” that “Ok, before you go any further. You’re not going to use my program to promote your political career”.

Graham, a prolific Australian “conspiracy theorist,” recently announced his intention to contest the upcoming NSW state election along with former Australian Army Special Forces lieutenant colonel turned right-wing political hopeful Riccardo Bosi.

Graham tried to shift the focus to politics — in particular how Australian politicians are being influenced by “overseas people”. But that didn’t go terribly well, either.

“Would you mind naming one politician who’s been influenced by overseas people?” Laws inquired.

“Oh yeah. Albanese. Penny Wong. What are they doing giving Ukraine tanks and that? What are we going to war for? What’s Australia fighting in a war over there for? We live on an island here. Money that we’re giving away, John, this money can be spent on our own people.”

Laws replied, bluntly: “You’re a conspiratorialist Dave.”

He went on to describe Graham as a clown and said that he needed mental health support.

Graham rejected the label of conspiracy theorist and called himself a free thinker.

“I can see what’s going on in the world, John. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m looking at facts. That’s not conspiracy. And the facts are the world is going down the tubes,” he said.

Graham went on to claim the government is rorting Australian people with 75 per cent tax.

However, Laws quickly shut down the claim, stating that it was not true.

“Shut up, Dave. We don’t pay 75 per cent tax,” Laws snapped.

“I don’t know who does your calculations for you. But I suggest you send them back to the drawing board.”

Laws described views like Graham’s as a “dangerous attitude to life” that could “destroy our country”.

The interview was widely shared on social media, with many expressing their opinions on the exchange of words between the two.

Some praised Laws for standing up to Graham’s claims, while others criticised him for insulting Graham and calling him a clown.

One social media user said, “John Laws was right to shut down Dave Guru’s conspiracy theories. It’s time to stop spreading lies and misinformation.”

Another user commented, “I don’t agree with everything Dave Guru says, but John Laws was way out of line with his insults. It’s important to have a respectful debate.”

The back-and-forth between Graham and Laws ended conversation about God and sanity.

“It mightn’t be a bad idea to have a talk to a psychiatrist or a good brain doctor,” Laws suggested.

“I talk to God. I think he’s a little bit better than any psychiatrists or brain doctors. But anyway, that’s your opinion and I’m happy to accept that John – I’m a nice bloke, mate – just the average Aussie concreter.”

“When you talk to God, do you get a reply?” Laws asked.

“Yes, does in the subconscious, of course. You know, anyone who is spiritual can tell that things are wrong in this world today, and of course God’s the one that created it. And that’s my belief. I’m not a Bible basher. I’m a realist.”

“Do you have a conversation with God? Does he reply to your question?” Laws again asked.

“In an audible voice, no, John. But in my soul, yes, certainly he does,” Graham said.

Graham has amassed a following online with frequent live streams pushing for Australians to ditch government rule.

He recently made headlines after recording himself bombarding staff at 2GB with phone calls after claiming they were snubbed by radio host Ben Fordham for a spot on the show.

Among his outrageous beliefs is the claim the Covid pandemic wasn’t real, and that the government “needs to be removed”.

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