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Cold Moon December 7 2022: These star signs will cheat according to astrology

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The last full moon of the year is upon us and with it comes a bucket load of strife for those in committed relationships, a leading astrologer has warned.

Full moons are known for indicting “strange” and “out-of-character” behaviour, with Melbourne-based astrologer Janelle Palibrk explaining that can trickle into our love lives.

Tonight’s astrological event is called a “Cold Moon” and its extra potent thanks to its conjunction to Mars Retrograde.


While we’re all familiar with the mayhem of Mercury Retrograde (electronics breaking, way more poor drivers on the road than normal, etc), the Mars version leaves you feeling more “amiss”.

Mars is also associated with our anger, our sexual desire, and our instinct to fight – so during retrograde, when the energy is trying to go backwards, this can result in high levels of sexual tension and angry outbursts.

The high energy created by the culmination point of the moon’s cycle can be “exciting” and “positive” – but when mixed with Mars Retrograde, it will leave some lives in utter “chaos” as a few naughty star signs are compelled to stray.

“While we can’t predict that every Sagittarius is going to stray this month, or guess every Aquarian will fail to be 100 per cent faithful, we can provide some insight into the personality traits of each star sign and how the Cold Moon can effect these,” Janelle told news.com.au.

“But a lot of cheating will happen tonight.”

These are the star signs with the potential to cheat:

Aquarius: You are going to be faced with some tough decisions, and whilst new energy surrounding you might feel exciting, it’s not enough to wreak havoc on your home life. Don’t go down dangerous paths, stay focused on what aligns with you truly and you’ll get through this phase.

Sagittarius: It’s all about you right now, and so it should be. You are one who loves to self-sabotage, and you might be feeling an urge to do something reckless. This cold moon is not the time to wreak havoc on your own life. Refrain from flirting if you are in a relationship and focus your energy on your partner, it’s the perfect time to reconnect.

Libra: It’s time to put yourself first and this might be harder to do than you anticipate. If you are in a toxic relationship, you might be finding yourself looking elsewhere and finding the grass is actually greener. Whatever you do, don’t give up this opportunity for mind blowing pleasure (alone or with someone) be honest about how you feel and listen to your instinct. It might be time to say goodbye.

It’s not known why full moons have such a powerful effect on us, but Janelle said “research suggests that it is common to leave people feeling ‘stirred up’, anxious, sleepless”.

“Reasons are to do with the gravity or pull it has just like the ocean tide – but this is also up for interpretation as to why,” she added.

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Story Credit: news.com.au

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