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Club Q: Drag queen, dad, help prevent scores of deaths

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A drag queen and a dad are among those being hailed as heroes after they tackled a mass shooter at a nightclub, preventing further people from dying.

The drag performer is reported to have hit the alleged attacker multiple times with a high heeled shoe to subdue him.

Five people were killed on the weekend at gay venue Club Q in Colorado following the attack.

A 22-year-old man is facing murder and potential hate crime charges

Richard Fierro and Thomas James have been singled out for praise for preventing further deaths.

Tragically, however, Raymond Vance – the boyfriend of Mr Fierro’s daughter Kassy – is among the dead.

The other four victims have been identified as Daniel Aston, Kelly Loving, Ashley Paugh and Derrick Rump. Mr Aston and Mr Rump were bartenders at Club Q.

At least another 19 people were injured after a man entered Club Q in the city of Colorado Springs on Saturday night.

An emotional Mr Fierro, who owns the local Atrevida brewery, told CNN he was at Club Q with his wife and daughter celebrating a birthday when the killer walked in.

The army veteran, who has served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said he was faced with a “fight or flight” situation.

“I tend to go into fight mode,” he said.

“I went to the ground as soon as heard the sound, I dove down and pushed over my friend as best I could.”

Mr Fierro said he then saw the shooter heading towards a patio area where a number of clubbers were located. He also noticed the shooter had a flak jacket on and he could use that to pull him to the ground.

“I ran across the room, grabbed him, pulled him down and his rifle flew in front of him.”

Another man, thought to be Mr James, pushed the rifle away and began kicking the alleged attacker while Mr Fierro hit him.

The two of them kept the attacker on the ground, he said, until a drag queen approached them.

“There was one of the performers walking by when the kid was getting tired of kicking and she kicked him with her high heeled shoes she had on and then ran because she’s probably scared.”

Mr Fierro said his combat training “came in handy” but he was devastated that he wasn’t able to save his daughters boyfriend.

“I tried to help everybody in there but there were five people who didn’t go home, “he told the broadcaster through tears.

“I didn’t care about myself in that moment, I cared about everybody that was around me.”

“My daughter and wife should have never experienced combat in Colorado Springs. And everybody in that building experienced combat that night, not to their own accord, but because they were forced to,” Mr Fierro said through tears.

“I’m not a hero. I’m just a guy that wanted to protect his kids and wife, and I still didn’t get to protect her boyfriend.”

A post on the Facebook page of Atrevida Beer Company, owned by the Fierros, said “no one should have to witness bloodshed like this”.

“We are going to miss (Raymond) and his bright smile so much.

“We are devastated and torn. We love our LGBTQ community and stand with them.”

At a press conference on Monday Colorado Springs Mayor John Suthers praised Mr Fierro.

“I have never encountered a person who had engaged in such heroic actions that were so humble about it.”

Anderson Lee Aldrich, 22, was arrested following the shooting.

Formal charges have not yet been filed but Aldrich is expected to face first-degree murder charges and “if the evidence supports bias-motivated crimes, we will charge that as well,” El Paso County District Attorney Michael Allen said.

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