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Climate chaos breaks out at Melbourne Cup, Police argue with protesters

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Climate protesters are running amok at the Melbourne Cup, blocking a key entry point into Flemington racecourse.

Activists standing on the roof of a van blocking the road have been filmed and live streamed by a fellow protester, as she was interviewed by police.

Protesters blocking the road were heard yelling “at your pheasant, drink your wine, your days are numbered, bourgeois swine”.

The woman, who live streamed the interaction onto the “Whistleblowers, Activists and Communities alliance” Facebook page, was heard accusing the police officer of calling her a c*** as he attempted to interview her.

“So we’re at the Melbourne Cup – cops have just taken my drivers license and grabbed us. There’s a van blocking,” the woman said.

“We are at the Melbourne Cup asking for climate justice.”

The woman was then asked to stop filming the police officers, as they asked her some questions, but she argued back, saying she was allowed to film in public.

“You called me a filthy c***!” she was heard saying.

“You’re allowed to call someone a c*** and grab them by their neck?” the woman was heard asking the police officer.

“I was moving you out of the way,” the officer told her.

She told police she was trying to get out of the way as her friends protested, but was pulled over and allegedly called a c*** as she tried to co-operate.

The video abruptly ended as the officer asked to see what was on the woman’s phone.

The climate display comes after the track at Flemington was vandalised this morning, with a person filmed pouring oily sludge across the grass.

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