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Christian university student dress-coded over crop top, jeans

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A woman has claimed that her Christian university “dress-coded” her for a particular top she chose to wear.

While her crop top ensemble got her called out, it seems that it may be an issue moving forward as Kate claims to only own that style of shirt, The Sun reports.

In a TikTokvideo, Kate wrote “got dress-coded today”.

She revealed the outfit in question that didn’t align with the rules of her university: blue, high-waisted flare jeans, paired with a black crop top that didn’t expose her midriff.

“Private Christian university tings (sic),” she wrote in her caption.

Some people in the comments section of Kate’s video were shocked that she was dress-coded (a set of rules about what clothing may or may not be worn at an establishment) in university.

“You can get dress coded in college?” one questioned.

“When you get dress coded in college,” a second stated.

“Girl for what?” someone inquired, to which Kate responded: “The only tops I own are crop tops.”

Previously, another woman shared that she’d also been told her outfit was inappropriate at her Christian college.

“Here’s to getting dress-coded at my Christian university,” Hannah Key wrote in a video.

The college student walked into the camera frame and revealed her outfit.

She sported a cropped graphic T-shirt, denim cover-up, and black miniskirt which the school apparently deemed as going against their rules.

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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