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Chris Smith sacked from 2GB after Sky News Christmas party following outrage

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Chris Smith has been fired from both 2GB and Sky News for a “serious breach of contract” following his alleged conduct at the Sky News Christmas party over the weekend.

Until now, details of what happened at the party hadn’t been revealed.

Late on Tuesday The Daily Telegraph spoke to sources at the party who described what they saw.

The event was held at The Ivy Sunroom on George Street in the Sydney CBD at lunch time, from noon to 5pm, with guests kicking on later at The Establishment.

One source said Smith walked in “like a dinosaur with a huge ego”. “He was actually thinking these women would be interested in him,” they told the Telegraph. “It is revolting.”

Smith then allegedly grabbed one female colleague on the bum as the party was winding up before she turned around and punched him twice on the shoulder and told him to “f**k off”, according to a Sky News employee who wished to remain anonymous.

Another female was allegedly subjected to lewd comments about recent holiday photos posted to social media.

One woman witnessed the incident and said Smith used the word “sexy” multiple times, as well as “side boob”.

Disgraced TV host loses two jobs in one day

On a statement on Tuesday afternoon, Sky News Australia confirmed Smith’s departure.

“Following an investigation into allegations of serious misconduct, we have today advised Chris Smith that his contract with Sky News Australia has been terminated as a result of inappropriate behaviour that is in breach of his contract and company policy,” Sky News Australia CEO Paul Whittaker said.

“We continue to offer support to affected staff members whose welfare remains out primary concern.

“I am committed to ensuring a safe and healthy environment where everyone is treated fairly, and with dignity and respect at all times.”

This came after a statement from 2GB said Smith’s actions were “not aligned with the values” of the station.

The news come after colleagues from both workplaces publicly denounced his behaviour at the event, calling for his immediate sacking.

Andrew Bolt and Rita Panahi discussed Smith’s future with the network on air Monday night during The Bolt Report amid an investigation into Smith’s conduct at the party in Sydney, after which allegations of inappropriate behaviour towards his female colleagues reportedly arose.

Journalist Laura Jayes took to Instagram to agree with Bolt and Panahi’s stance on the matter, writing, “Good riddance” with a link to their comments.

According to The Daily Telegraph, it is believed Jayes made a complaint about Smith’s behaviour on the night in question to Sky News management in support of the women involved.

Smith has also been stood down from his role at Sky News as investigations continue.

2GB’s mornings host Ray Hadley also weighed in on the scandal on Tuesday, saying he is “embarrassed to be a former colleague of his”, The Australian reports.

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This afternoon, 2GB confirmed that Smith’s contract has been terminated in a statement provided to

“2GB has today terminated the services of broadcaster Chris Smith,” it said.

“The termination follows the Sky News Christmas party at the weekend, where Chris has conceded his behaviour was unacceptable, “apologising profusely” for his “drunken treatment” of women.”

The statement continued with a comment from Nine’s managing director of radio, Tom Malone.

“Chris’ behaviour represents a serious breach of his contract, and is not aligned with the values of 2GB.”

2GB said Nine has provided support to Chris in recent days.

The statement follows reports his wife moved out of the family home they share with their twin sons in light of the incident, while Smith has confirmed he is currently seeking mental health and alcohol addiction treatment at a facility.

On Monday night, Sky News presenters Bolt and Panahi addressed the scandal during their broadcast.

“Now we are all good people here at Sky, we have a culture of looking after each other and if you betray that trust, besmirch our good name, offend women here, you’re out,” Bolt said on his program on Monday.

“Chris, all the very best to you with getting over what you say is your addiction and your bipolar condition, but your recovery must take place somewhere else, not here,” he said.

“Good luck but goodbye”.

Panahi agreed: “What he did on Saturday night, how he made a number of women feel means that in my opinion he can never be on this network again.

“The women at this station know we have their back, we stand with them and will never tolerate this kind of behaviour.”

On Tuesday, 2GB’s mornings host Ray Hadley also called for Smith to be taken off air, describing him as a “disgraceful person” while speaking to Mark Levy.

“I’m embarrassed to be a former colleague of his and I hope I never have to work with him again, in fact I know I won’t ever work with him again, so good riddance to bad rubbish,” Hadley said.

“I have no sympathy for him, I’ve heard it all before — ‘I’m bipolar, I drink too much, I’m a monster when I drink’ — we’ve heard that four or five times over the years.”

Smith, 60, addressed the incident in an interview with The Daily Telegraph on Monday, in which he revealed he was seeking treatment for his bipolar disorder and alcohol issues.

“I am beyond gutted and devastated to know I have upset my colleagues after our Christmas party,” the father-of-four told the publication.

“I apologise profusely to the women I upset. That’s not the man I am at work, ever, as they will all attest. They have been so supportive to me and do not deserve such drunken treatment.”

Smith continued: “I pride myself on my professionalism and work ethic but I have dropped the ball and embarrassed many people including those I love most – my family. I am very sorry.”

Smith was absent from the 2GB airwaves yesterday, where he was due to fill in for Ben Fordham on breakfast.

Smith attended the TV network’s end of year celebrations at The Ivy in Sydney on Saturday, before staff members moved onto The Establishment where an incident allegedly unfolded.

“The person involved has been suspended while an investigation into the allegations is undertaken,” a Sky News Australia spokesperson said.

“The welfare of our staff is our absolute priority. We have a zero-tolerance approach to inappropriate conduct and take these allegations very seriously.

“There will be no further comment while the investigation is carried out.”

Smith told The Daily Telegraph he had no recollection of the events.

The radio and TV personality has made headlines for his behaviour in the past. He was similarly suspended by 2GB in 2009 for allegedly harassing four women at the Christmas party that year.

At the time, Smith told The Sunday Telegraph the incident had destroyed his family and could ruin his career.

He admitted to being drunk on champagne and red wine at the party, and that he had taken “the wrong antidepressants”.

“I was in a crazy extended drinking mode,” he said.

“That has happened to me a few times over the last decade – I just black out and that’s what happened. I’m not saying by any means that that’s an excuse. It’s not.”

He managed to return to the airwaves, but his marriage to Ali Smith, with whom he shares two children, did not survive the incident.

It is understood his wife, nutritionist Susie Burrell, with whom he shares twin boys, has moved out of the family home following his latest scandal.

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