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Cardinal George Pell: The Chaser pulls coffin stunt at Sydney cathedral

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Chaser comedians tried entering the memorial for Cardinal George Pell in Sydney on Thursday while carrying a fake coffin.

Footage captured the awkward moment comedians Charles Firth and Lachlan Hodson were stopped outside the venue and told they would not be allowed in.

Stacked inside the fake coffin were three large white boxes with “evidence” written in texta on the outside.

The stunt was seemingly a dig at allegations the Cardinal covered up historic child sex abuse while serving as Victorian diocese of Ballarat.

It was likely also tied to the Cardinal’s child sex abuse conviction that was overturned.

As security tried turning the duo away from the entrance, Firth was heard saying: “don’t touch me, I’m not an altar boy”.

“Wait a minute, is this an issue of consent?” he added.

“I don’t understand, that’s never worried you before.

“This is what he would have wanted, a whole lot of nondisclosure agreements.”

Almost 400 people were expected to attend the “Pell Go To Hell” protest at outside the cathedral after being cleared by police to attend.

Many strung coloured ribbons on the gates to represent lives lost as a result of the church’s “sexual abuse” and “policies”.

Protesters were allowed to march through Hyde Park and stand in the square outside the church, but not inside it.

Cardinal Pell, 81, died in Rome in January after complications following a hip replacement surgery.

His handling of child sexual abuse by Catholic priests and brothers, homosexuality and abortion have angered many, prompting protesters to gather outside the church.

Earlier in the day on Thursday there were tense scenes as protesters began arriving ahead of the service, with riot officers on the scene in case of any clashes.

Tension built as protesters climbed onto the boundary wall of Hyde Park holding a sign that read in large letters “Pell go to hell”.

It was at this point that the quiet reverence being observed by mourners was broken and gasps could be heard escaping the crowd.

One man became so enraged by the sign that he began shouting across College St at the protesters: “Take it down.”

A group of police officers later intervened and confiscated the sign.

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