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British fashion brand’s ‘revealing’ funeral dress labelled ‘inappropriate’

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The owner of a small fashion boutique has shared the “perfect” outfit to wear to a funeral, and she’s left the internet in shock after throwing the rule book out the window.

Forget the age-old traditions of dressing “respectfully” by avoiding tight-fitting and revealing clothing, according to British brand “EdgyLittlePieces”, we need to turn the fashion advice on its head.

A video shared by the small business shows an employee modelling the brand’s “best-selling funeral dress” – a black halter mini-dress with large cut-outs that show her cleavage and entire torso.

The form-fitting dress also features thin spaghetti straps crisscrossing down her neck, chest, breasts and stomach.

“Funeral dresses back on pre order now,” she wrote in one TikTok that has thousands of views.

In another video over 612,000 views and almost 54,000 likes, she gives a tutorial on how to wear the dress, explaining you can tighten the straps to make it “super modest for the funeral, then loosen it back down for the after-party”.

However, the “super modest” look still reveals the model’s cleavage and torso.

Many were shocked by the minuscule dress, while others were so flabbergasted by the racy suggestion, the insisted it must be a “joke”.

“Imagine turning up to a funeral in that,” one stated.

“There’s no way someone would wear that to a funeral,” another declared.

As one asked: “This has to be a joke.”

Others blasted the suggestion, pointing out it was a for day of mourning not a nightclub.

“For a funeral bit inappropriate,” a message read, prompting the model to responded with a video stating: “[I] have to disagree.”

“We’ve had so many girls wear this to funerals and they messaged us and said they got so many compliments,” she said.

“It’s super covered up, it doesn’t show any cleavage, and it’s super modest as well.”

Despite the model, who appears to own the business, seemingly having a bit of fun online to generate publicity, some were genuinely taken aback by how revealing the dress was.

“My uncle would raise from the dead if I turned up in that,” one remarked.

“If I put this on for a funeral I think I would get disowned,” someone else commented.

“The only funeral I can imagine wearing those to would be me sugar daddies,” another joked.

The concern continues across multiple videos of the dress, which doesn’t have an advertised price.

“Is it me or does this seem disrespectful,” one person said.

“I mean the dress is gorg but not for a funeral,” another added.

While one declared: “If I wore that to a funeral I would be the one in the coffin.”

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