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Brisbane woman’s unbelievable bikini transformation stuns TikTok | video

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A Brisbane woman who documented her impressive journey to becoming a competitive bodybuilder has left social media so stunned by her transformation, she has been forced to prove it’s real.

Claire Hall, who has more than 14,000 followers, embarked on an impressive six-month fitness challenge that finished off with her competing in her first bodybuilding competition.

Claire has been documenting her progress on TikTok, sharing clips of herself lifting weights in the gym and counting her calories to keep in shape.

In her most watched video, which has more than five million views, she can be seen showing off her body on day one of the journey before cutting to a clip of her on stage on day 210.

But after several sceptical social media users claimed the woman on stage “isn’t her”, Claire shared another video stating “it is me”.

“I’ve had a lot of people comment saying it’s not you and the fact that my tattoos disappeared on stage,” she said.

“I’m under such harsh stage lights and with two to three coats of tan, you can’t see them.

“So this is me backstage. The tattoos are there, it is me.”

Many praised Claire after her initial video, which has been viewed more than 5.4 million times since it was shared.

The video shows her posing in a purple crop top and shorts, paired with sparkly silver high heels.

Claire then cuts to a shot of her competing on stage at Natural Bodybuilding Australia in a tiny red bikini.

“Day 1 to 210, we made it on stage baby,” she captioned the video.

Hundreds have left comments on her videos, praising her “absolutely incredible” commitment and hard work.

“Unreal,” one said.

“I’m blown away! This is goals,” another commented.

“Hard work and dedication paid off, well done,” a third wrote.

As a fourth said: “You’re such an inspiration… wonderful progress.”

But many of her followers couldn’t believe the video showed the same person as her tattoos had “disappeared”.

One follower said: “That’s not you on stage.”

Claire has gone on to share more videos of the competition with her followers – including backstage clips of her workout out before heading on stage.

She’s also shared workout and food tips, revealing she never works out for more than an hour a day – but she trains five days a week.

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