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Big W under fire for ‘sexist’ pricing on Tradie Drink Bottle and Body Wash Gift Set

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Major retailer Big W has come under fire over its “sexist” pricing after a customer snapped a picture of identical products with different price tags.

The woman posted a picture to Facebook on Sunday of the Tradie gift packs, which include a drink bottle and body wash.

The gift packs appear to include identical products, however the pack aimed at women is $4 more expensive.

The price difference left the shopper confused.

“In my local Big W yesterday and came across these, both exactly the same just different prices,” she wrote.

Her post sparked outrage from others, many believing the price difference was a result of “pink tax”, which refers to the tendency for products marketed specifically to women to cost more than those marketed to men.

“It’s called a pink tax, which in other words is called women’s tax,” one woman wrote.

“It’s the reason I get Men’s razors and deodorant; same brand, same can, same razor etc.

“I first noticed it with clothes and toys for kids. Sexism at its finest.”

“Legit same sizing, just different colours, but $4 diff,” another wrote.

“Pink tax. Woeful in 2022,” wrote another.

However, some pointed out the price difference might be due to the lids on the drink bottles being slightly different.

A Big W spokesman told the NCA NewsWire there was a pricing error and it has since been remedied.

“Both sets should have been priced the same, and both products are now correctly priced at $14 each,” the spokesman said.

Customers who purchased the product at BIG W at $18 from 1 November 2022 onwards are eligible for a refund of the difference with proof of purchase.

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