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Bianca Stone quits Sunrise: ‘I blew up my life’

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Sunrise reporter Bianca Stone has opened up about her decision this week to resign from Channel 7 after 18 years, revealing it “came as a shock” to the network.

The long-time Sunrise reporter’s decision took her colleagues by surprise, as she informed them on Tuesday that she would leave the show this week to consider the next step in her career.

In a new interview with the Courier Mail, Stone, who has been Sunrise’s Queensland correspondent for the past six years, gave some more insight into her decision to quit.

“It came as a shock (to Channel 7). But I have been toying with the idea for some time,” she told the outlet.

“Sunrise is a dream job … breakfast TV is addictive and compelling but it also comes with an alarm every single day and that becomes hard.”

Stone explained that, factoring in the time difference with daylight savings, she has to wake each working day at 2am.

“In the beginning if I’m honest the thrill of Sunrise outweighed the alarm. But the older I get and my little girl is older, that’s switched for me,” she revealed, confessing a break – and some much-needed sleep – over Christmas made her reassess her work situation.

And as for what she planned to do next, Stone acknowledged that leaving Sunrise could be seen as a risky move.

“I blew up my life, and at a time when interest rates are rising. But I think the brave get rewarded,” she told the Courier Mail.

Stone, a mother of three children aged 22, 9, and 8, said that she hadn’t made any decisions about her future and was open to opportunities, including returning to Channel 7 in a freelance capacity.

Her departure has led to speculation about who will replace her as the new Queensland correspondent on Sunrise.

Seven’s director of morning television, Sarah Stinson, said that Bianca has been such a valued member of the Sunrise family and leaves with nothing but good wishes and our thanks.

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