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Australians lose it over UK ‘drugged up’ Freddo Frog design

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Australians have been left shocked over the UK version of a popular Cadbury chocolate bar, with many roasting the design of the British bar.

Photos of the popular Freddo Frog from the 1980s, compared with a 2020 redesign, sees the latter version of the chocolate missing a finger on each hand, with a thinner frame and bugged out eyes.

The images – showing the British version of the chocolate rather than the one Aussies know and love – were shared to a popular Facebook page.

A Cadbury spokesperson told “Aussie Freddo fans are reassured that the size, shape and taste of their favourite frog hasn’t changed!”

However, the images caused Aussies to roast the British version of the beloved chocolate on social media.

Social media users had hilarious reactions to the frog’s transformation.

One joked: “He’s had some work done. Guess he had to fit in with the world these days.”

“What a ridiculous redesign…. And all out of fear of ‘glorifying obesity’ ON A CHOCOLATE??! make him ‘less fat’ but keep the portions exactly the same? Bet Cadbury didn’t even NOTICE the irony,” another impassioned social media user said.

“When I was growing up it was a well proportioned proper frog, that actually looked like a frog. Leave Freddo alone or get him into rehab asap,” one person quipped.

Another said: “My nephew loves these back in the UK. But the single Freddo’s [there] are only half the size than what they are here in Aus. So you can imagine his face when he saw them.”

“Anyone can clearly see that it’s Freddo’s son (or great great grandson) taking over the family business,” another said.

“All frogs are lanky and full of bounce in their younger days.. give him another 40 years and he’ll be back to picture one.”

One added: “Times have been tough for Fredrick T Frog. The last 40 years he hasn’t been able to put his head up without getting it bitten off.

“With his confidence in tatters he turned to the drugs. Losing an unhealthy amount of weight and his brain now fried due to hallucinogens, he struggles on…”

Freddo Frogs and Caramello Koalas are manufactured at the Cadbury factory in Hobart, Tasmania, with the two sizes and design remaining the same. understands there is no plan to change the look or size of the Freddo Frog.

In the chocolate treat’s honour, Cadbury has pledged $600,000 over three years to kickstart several major conservation projects tackling the various threats facing the endangered frogs of Australia and New Zealand.

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