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Australian frog calls beats Harry Styles and Jimmy Barnes on ARIA’s charts

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An album of frog noises has caused a major upset on Australia’s biggest music chart, pushing down international superstars and household names as it claims a top three spot.

‘Songs of Disappearance’, an album from the Bowerbird Collective, Australian Museum and native amphibians has hopped to number three on the ARIAs chart on its debut, nearly pushing Taylor Swift off her throne at the top of the charts.

The album beat out Jimmy Barnes’s new Christmas album ‘Blue Christmas’ and pushed megastar Harry Styles’ latest release down from number three to number six.

Dr Jodi Rowley, Senior Research Scientist and Curator of Amphibian & Reptile Conservation Biology at the Australian Museum and UNSW is thrilled with the result, “It’s so exciting that Australia has gotten behind this album, giving Australia’s unique and imperilled frogs a voice.

“It’s a real indication just how much Australia cares about our frogs, and also how beautiful, captivating and fascinating frog calls really are!

“Australia’s frogs have given Taylor Swift a run for her money, and it’s beyond exciting to see Australia’s frogs and their amazing calls in the spotlight!”

A similar album of Australian bird noises released last year peaked at number two on the charts, with the frog album revealing just how much Australians like animal sounds.

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