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Astonishing detail hidden in floorplan of Adelaide home

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There’s a staggering detail inside the floorplan of a South Australian home which has left everyone scratching their heads.

The house in the Adelaide suburb of Seacliff made headlines this week when it went up for sale featuring a whopping 19 bedrooms, but only four bathrooms.

Upon learning of the listing, many social media users queried the obvious lack of amenities.

One user wrote: “Not many bathrooms for all those bedrooms”.

While another commented: “Wonder who passed the plan. All lined up for one bathroom.”

Others simply wrote “WTF?”.

Harcourts Packham Sales Associate Cassandra Yeates said she was shocked to see the property’s unique floorplan, and said there has been a lot of interest despite the lack of amenities.

“We are getting so many inquiries, people are loving it,” she told news.com.au.

She said there will be an open home on Saturday and while there will be no auction campaign, all expressions of interest will be presented to the vendor.

“There has been lots of interest, which is great. It has sort of shocked everyone, us included, how big the floor plan is. How much potential there is.

“I think it would definitely be up there as one of the most shocking floor plans. Being a residential home it is very unique that’s for sure.”

Yeates said potential buyers are not concerned about the lack of bathrooms as many are looking to knock down the property.

“That’s more of a concern for people who are not interested in buying the home, but for people who are seriously interested it doesn’t seem to be an issue,” she said.

“I think we have a lot of interest in buyers who are either interested in demolishing the home, subdiving and rebuilding or demolishing and rebuilding on the same allotment.

“They’re just wanting to improve the home cosmetically or a bit deeper, which would include knocking down bathrooms, knocking down walls, that sort of thing.”

Yeates said she’s not known the property to have ever been fully occupied.

“I don’t think it ever had all 19 rooms occupied at once.

“One of the bathrooms is like a double bathroom, so you’ve got a huge basin, you’ve got the large mirror, you’ve got a double shower, so one of them could be classed as two bathrooms.”

Overall, she believes the property will perform well as “the location is insane, a couple of streets back from the beach”.

“We are getting interest from developers, investors, families, we are interested to see what the public thinks about it.

When it comes to the value of the property, that is hard to estimate.

“We’re trying not to put a price on it because it is so unique,” she said. “People see value differently depending on where they see potential, a developer is going to see value quite differently to someone just wanting to raise their family.

“So I think it just depends how much people are willing to financially put into the property as to how much they are willing to pay.”

News.com.au previously reported on a house listing in Sydney which raised eyebrows because of its blatant advertising around the property’s rental return.

“Here is the perfect home to add to your portfolio with a possible rental return over $75,000 per annum approx,” the sale listing began.

A tenant advocate said the move was “disappointing” given the lack of affordable houses across the country while a real estate expert said the marketing was strange because it alienated owner-occupiers.

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Story Credit: news.com.au

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