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Ash London spills on ‘horrendous’ interview with One Direction star

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Former radio presenter Ash London has opened up about a disastrous interview with One Direction’s Niall Horan, revealing it was derailed due to a “horrendous” mistake right at the start.

London, 35, who hosted a show on the Hit Network for five years, explained during a Q&A on her Instagram that she’d perforated her eardrum during the live chat.

“I didn’t realise my headphones were turned up to the max level when I plugged them in during a phoner and perforated my eardrum when Niall started speaking,” she said.

“It was horrendous”.

London also spilled on another trainwreck interview moment, which happened while she was speaking to Canadian band Simple Plan.

“I accidentally ripped my top open in front of Simple Plan,” she told her followers, laughing.

London announced last year that she wouldn’t be returning to her radio show, Ash London Live, following maternity leave, telling that the timing to walk away felt “perfect”.

“I always go with my gut. When contract negotiation time came around (in 2020), I just felt like five years was perfect,” she said.

She admitted she’d initially been worried she might have made the wrong decision, but those doubts were cast aside just two months later when she found out she was pregnant.

“The universe gave me a big tick and said, ‘yep, you’re done babes,’” London said.

The radio star wrapped up her show for good on September 3 last year.

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