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Aldi, Kmart beauty products mistaken for X-rated toys

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Beauty tools intended to help improve shoppers’ skin are being mistaken for something usually enjoyed in the privacy of your bedroom.

Aldi recently announced it was selling a range of products as part of an upcoming Special Buys promotion – and one item has captured attention for all the wrong reasons.

The $19.99 Sculpting Facial Roller Set was noted for having a similarity to an X-rated toy in a post shared an Aldi Mum’s Facebook page.

But Aldi isn’t the only store facing this struggle, with Kmart shoppers also noticing the Anko brand’s mini hair remover had a phallic appearance.

“We can confirm that the vibrating Sculpting Facial Roller feels very, very good. On the face. Where it belongs,” an Aldi spokesperson told

“We strongly encourage customers to read the instructions to ensure they are enjoying the product as intended.”

Social media users however couldn’t get past the fact the gadget, features a long purple handle which branches out into two sections with two vibrating balls on the end, looks suspiciously like something that belongs in a drawer.

“I swear they are doing this on purpose,” one social media user said about the tool.

Another said: “I literally joined this group tonight. The first thing I saw was the catalogue and I thought the same thing.

“Then I berated myself for having a filthy mind and then this. Two minutes in, I tell you.”

One added: “Aldi; good, different.”

A similar thought pattern followed a product from Kmart – the store’s $12 mini hair remover.

The product is cylindrical, with a smaller base and a thicker head, that comes off to reveal the floating blades.

The post garnered close to 400 comments, with many initially believing the beauty tool was an adult toy.

“I seriously thought this was a [toy] and that Kmart was bringing out an Adult range,” one social media user said.

“I almost bought this but didn’t cause I wasn’t sure if it was just for small areas like face and underarms or if it can be used on legs too. Oh and because it looks like a [sex toy],” another said.

As one said: “I have noticed more that designs of certain products for women looks more on the ahemms side of things.”

Aldi’s Sculpting Facial Roller Set, which uses sonic vibrations to ease tension in the face, is being released as part of Aldi’s Special Buys drop that will hit stores on February 25.

There is also a Heatless Hair Curling Set, which retails for $9.99, overnight face and hair masks which sell for $6.99 each and a Lacura Skin Science Retinol+ Face Care cream.

The Anko Mini Hair Remover is part of the store’s regular beauty range.

Kmart declined to comment when contacted by

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