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Alan Tudge resigns from Parliament

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An emotional Alan Tudge has resigned from Parliament revealing that his teenage children have been subjected to death threats and paving the way for a by-election in the seat of Aston.

The former minister paid tribute to his colleagues for their support in recent controversies which included his appearance at the royal commission and his relationship with former staffer Rachelle Miller.

“I‘ll be resigning from Parliament effective from next week,’’ he said.

“I informed the Prime Minister and the Speaker of my decision earlier today. And the leader of the opposition has known of my likely intentions since early January when my decision was cemented following the passing of my father.

“It‘s not been an easy decision for me, but it is necessary for my health and for my family. Amongst other reasons. I certainly have not taken this decision lightly.

“My daughters who are 18 and 16 know nothing other than their dad being away. They‘ve had to put up with things that no teenager should have to, including death threats, the most recent of which was last week.

“My son is a bit younger but I equally want to be a good father to him.

“While this profession can be unforgiving at times, serving as a member of parliament, though, has been one of the greatest honours of my life.”

Mr Tudge became emotional when paying tribute to his children including his son and daughters who he praised as “strong, independent women.”

He said his passion had been in social policy rather than economic or security policy.

“I have always believed that while the economy is the foundation of our society that social policies determine whether individuals are given the opportunity and responsibility to realise their potential,‘’ he said.

“And both of these things require opportunity and responsibility.”

Liberal Party sources have told they do not believe Mr Frydenberg will stand in the seat of Aston suggesting he could still re-enter politics in the future.

One candidate for the seat of Aston is Liberal Party‘s Roshena Campbell, a Melbourne barrister.

Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said he had political differences and there was “no point gilding the lily there” but he thanked him for his service.

“We had a good discussion this morning, not the least of which is about the conscripts, our children, in particular, and about how difficult it is sometimes for our children, who are sometimes exposed to what should never occur, particularly at a time where people can make anonymous comments through social media, and through other divisive forms,” he said.

Opposition leader Peter Dutton said it was “depraved” that some people thought it was appropriate to threaten MPs‘ children.

“He‘s a person of great integrity, a huge intellect,’’ he said.

“The Prime Minister pointed out before that our families are conscripts in this business. The prime minister and I have had conversations before about death threats against our own children.”

Mr Dutton said social media had provided an opportunity “for spineless people and people without the integrity of most decent Australians who conduct themselves in a way that they should be ashamed of.”

“And it does bring an additional pressure not just to those family members, but to us as parents and there is a price that we pay for that,‘’ he said.

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