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7 Best ‘TikTok Made Me Buy It’ Products In 2022

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Three years ago there was only a handful of people who actively used TikTok, let alone knew what it was. But fast-forward to today and more of us are spending time on the video sharing app than ever before.

It’s got everything from viral dances, scandals (like #couchguy, IYKYK) and intel on the best cleaning and beauty hacks.

As a dedicated TikTok researcher (aka, someone who spends way too much time scrolling on the app), I’ve compiled a list of the best products you can buy that have gone viral so far this year. One standout is the Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste 500 grams, Amazon Australia, $5.3 (scroll below to see its wondrous powers).

Videos show it being used to clean anything from toilets, ovens, dirty pots and pans to even white sneakers, with TikTok users calling it “awesome” and one going as far as to say: “The pink stuff literally saved my bathroom.”


So in case you haven’t heard, we’ve all been applying blush wrong. Not really of course, but TikTok has been responsible for a new blush trend that gen Z is obsessed with.

Dubbed the “sunburn” look, it involves using a cheek stain to apply blush to the bridge of your nose and tops of your cheekbones.

The most popular product to achieve this look with is the Benefit Cosmetics Tint, a favourite of millenials that’s fast gaining traction on TikTok.

“It’s a gorgeous rosy liquid … so natural,” Tiktoker @nikkissecretxx shared in one viral video.

Another TikToker @roryeliza said it looked like “beetroot juice in a bottle” but she was “obsessed” with the results.

“It is literally stunning — it’s nice and dewy and glowy,” she added.

Benefit Cosmetics Bene Tint, THE ICONIC, $33

First created in the 1970s for an exotic dancer’s nipples (yes, really), this is a cult favourite for a reason. It dries quickly and is transfer proof, lasting for hours. Having used it myself I can definitely see what all the fuss is about — it gives a lovely rosy flush to your cheeks that looks super natural and lasts all day. My only advice would be to use a bit of product at first and slowly build up as a little goes a long way. It also dries quickly, so you need to work fast to blend it out.



We get it, Scrub Daddy is a very weird name for a sponge, but once you’ve seen all this humble cleaning tool can do you’ll forget all about its strange moniker.

Scrub Daddy was invented by US Shark Tank contestant Aaron Krause and, according to Forbes, is one of the most financially successful products to be launched off the show.

On TikTok the hashtag #scrubdaddy has gotten more than 2.2 billion times, with people obsessed with how easily it removes food and grease while cleaning.

“It’s honestly worth the price! Also it lasts a long time and it doesn’t get a bad smell like other sponges,” one TikTok user commented.

“I will never use anything else again,” another said. “They are my favourite.”

Scrub Daddy Flex Texture Cleaning Sponge, Amazon Australia, $15.79

What makes Scrub Daddy better than all the rest? Well, for starters its round shape makes it easier to hold and it’s made from a special polymer that goes soft in hot water and stays hard in cold, making it perfect for all kinds of scrubbing.

It’s also odour resistant while its eye and mouth holes are perfect for cleaning small items like cutlery.

“My partner and I are fans of the TV show Shark Tank, where we saw this product first pitched,” one five star review reads.

“We thought it was a great product and wanted to show our support, so we bought one.

Well, I absolutely love it. This is a staple in my kitchen toolkit.

“I love the eye holes, I hang the sponge from the kitchen tap through one of the holes. It seems more hygienic than a sponge and way easier to clean. I love being able to choose a harder or softer texture for cleaning different types of stains.

“I have used this on my expensive non-stick frying pans and it has not scratched them, much to my dismay.”


Scrub Daddy Dish Wand, Amazon Australia, $11.95


Scrub Daddy Sponge Holder – Daddy Caddy, Amazon Australia, $11.59


Scrub Daddy Damp Duster, Amazon Australia, $3.95


Scrub Daddy Scour Daddy Scouring Pads 3-Pieces, Amazon Australia, $6


Scrub Daddy – Eraser Daddy 10x with Scrubbing Gems Dual-Sided Scrubber and Eraser, Amazon Australia, $6.95



Since COVID hit we’ve become all about the practical pieces — which is why this streamlined yet stylish belt bag from Lululemon has sparked a frenzy among shoppers.

First going viral in 2021, the Everywhere Belt Bag continues to sell out, with people who purchase it raving about how much it fits and goes seamlessly with outfits.

“It’s so cute and spacious,” said TikTok user @valerieescobar who said she was “wearing this 24/7”.

“My whole wallet and much more fits in it, go get it besties.”

“This has been sold out everywhere and I finally got one. The perfect everyday bag,” says @klaxtniel in another viral TikTok viewed more than 290,000 times.

“I’ve become obsessed with these bags,” one shopper commented on TikTok, while another user @courtneyannsankey showed off her impressive collection.

The bag is available now at Lululemon in two colours: White Opal (our pick), as well as Tidewater Teal — but don’t hesitate to buy if you’re keen as they are tipped to sell out once again.

Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag, Lululemon, $45

Don’t be fooled by its minimalist exterior, this bag can hold a surprising amount. With a one litre capacity, features include an interior pocket while the strap means it can be worn cross body or around the waist as a bum bag.



You’ll be hard pressed to go on TikTok and not see a before and after transformation after using The Pink Stuff — the hashtag #thepinkstuff has got a whopping 404 million views on the video sharing app.

Videos show it being used to clean anything from toilets, ovens, dirty pots and pans to even white sneakers.

“This stuff is awesome,” one person commented.

“The pink stuff literally saved my bathroom,” another said.

“This s**t is like MAGIC, TikTok does it again,” another shared.

Stardrops Pink Stuff Paste 500 grams, Amazon Australia, $5.30

Billing itself as a “miracle cleaning paste”, this cream cleanser is gentle while working hard to remove dirt and stain build up on anything from glass, barbecues, sinks and more.

“The reviews are legit, I have arthritis and have been struggling to clean my glass shower screen door for months and have been trying every product I can with little to no success,” one five star review reads.

“ONE PASS OVER WITH THIS AND IT WAS SPARKLING! Not only did it clean to the point of crystal clarity, I actually felt a little self conscious showering because I felt so exposed!!! I will be repurchasing this forever.”


The Pink Stuff Foam Cleaner, Amazon Australia, $14.65

This handy spray version of The Pink Stuff will have your bathroom and shower sparkling in no time. Five star reviews say it is a “life changer” and “very simple and easy to use”.


The Pink Stuff Window Cleaner, 750ml, Amazon Australia, $6.95

This window cleaner contains rose vinegar for a streak free sparkling clean.



OK, so in the grand scheme of things this would definitely be classified as a first world problem. With that caveat in place though, can we please acknowledge just how annoying it is to have water trickle down your arms while washing your face?

TikTok certainly noticed and in early 2021, multiple users started sharing their “hack” of wearing bulky scrunchies on their wrists to catch water while washing their faces.

“Uhh this is genius,” one person said of the hack, while another commented it was “so clever”.

Before long multiple companies began selling wrist washbasin scrunchies that are specifically designed for washing your face, with the item soon becoming an “Amazon must have”.

“So soft and dries so fast,” said @kriziaoffical in one video reviewing them. “No more icky wet arms.”

FROG SAC Spa Headband for Washing Face and Matching Wristbands, Amazon Australia, $12.59

Designed for teens (and grown-ups who appreciate this rainbow design), this pack includes a fluffy high pile tie-dye material headband and matching wrist bands.

“Game changed for the dreaded cleansing step!” says one five star review. “They are pretty fluffy and absorb a good amount of water. I typically make a big wet mess but not anymore not since I’ve had these babies.”

While effective at preventing water from dripping down your wrists some users have complained the wristbands can feel a little tight if you’re an adult using them.


Mifengda 12 Pieces Spa Facial Headband Women Soft Microfiber Spa Wrist Washband, Amazon Australia, $38.81

This pack of 12 is great value, containing four different coloured headbands and matching wristbands made from microfibre.

“These are excellent! I hate when water flows down my arms when washing my hands, so these are wonderful for me,” one five star review reads.



At first glance this viral video by @heartdefensor had many convinced it was a fake but yes, you can really buy a levitating light bulb lamp.

The TikTok user’s video has racked up more than 27 million views and 23,000 comments.

“How is this even possible?” one viewer asked, while another said: “I’m trying to figure out how this works.

While it looks like magic, the levitating light bulb lamp works by using a magnetic pull to hover and spin the light bulb, which is powered through the air via induction when on.

You can also buy a moon version that’s just as popular and gives off serious Harry Potter vibes.

Gominimo Magnetic Levitating LED Light Bulb Floating & Spinning Home Decor Desk Lamp, Amazon Australia, $99

This lamp uses an antiglare, non-flickering LED light to add a touch of magical ambience to your surrounds.

The base also doubles as a wireless charger for your phone making it a handy bedside table addition or gift.


VGAzer Magnetic Levitating Floating Wireless LED Light Bulb Desk Lamp, Amazon Australia, $119.99 (down from $129.99)

This levitating light bulb lamp gets five star reviews as a great present for “those hard to buy for gadget loving friends”.


VGAzer Levitating Moon Lamp With Wood Base, Amazon Australia, $159.99

This levitating moon lamp has a “real moon”, aka one that’s been copied from the real deal using astronomical data and 3D printing technology.

It has three light colours: warm yellow, white and yellow.



Move over hyaluronic acid, there’s a new serum on the block that’s been making waves on TikTok. The Inkey List’s Polyglutamic Acid Serum costs just $25 at Sephora Australia and is four times more hydrating than hyaluronic acid.

Users on TikTok rave about just how good it is at hydrating skin, however, its most popular use has to be mixing it in with foundation for a more glowy natural look.

To use, simply add two pumps of Polyglutamic Acid to your foundation and mix together before apply to your face with a damp sponge.

TikTok user @skinfiltrator said her foundation “came out flawless” and “felt like butter” when she tried this hack.

The Inkey List Polyglutamic Acid Serum, Sephora Australia, $25

Suitable for all skin types and ages, Polyglutamic Acid Serum helps maintain your skin’s natural moisture levels while also brightening skin and evening out skin tone.

“I absolutely love this serum!! I cannot talk enough good things about it,” one five star review on Sephora’s website reads. “I have combo and very sensitive skin and never broke out from it.”


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