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Tasman truckers organise donations delivery as orchardists offer equipment

A flooded orchard and apples strewn over the road just outside Hastings.

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Orchards in Hawke’s Bay have been devastated by the flooding, leaving fruit strewn across roads and trapped in fencelines.
Photo: RNZ // Angus Dreaver

An orchardist in Tasman keen to support Hawke’s Bay colleagues has sparked a truck and trailer delivery of supplies to the flood-ravaged region.

Motueka-based trucking company Westhaul is sending a truck of food and essential items to the Hawke’s Bay early next week.

Westhaul managing director Karl Westrupp said donations of good furniture, kitchen items, non-perishable foodstuffs, canned foods, clothing, blankets and bed linen were being welcomed in Tasman.

“Our trucks are frequent visitors to the Hawke’s Bay region with up to three loads per week. We usually transport in and out of the area. To see these floods wreak havoc on the lives of our customers and their family and friends is heartbreaking.”

The Tasman area is similar to Hawke’s Bay in that it is home to many orchards. Westrupp said one orchardist asked if he could send some equipment to Hawke’s Bay, which encouraged him to spread the word.

He said other transport companies may also wish to join him by organising their own donations to cyclone-hit areas.

Transporting New Zealand chief executive Nick Leggett said at times of disaster, trucking companies were at the forefront of the recovery and rebuild work.

People can take items to Wairepo Holdings on Weka Road, Tasman, by Monday evening. The truck will head north on Tuesday morning on the Cook Strait ferry.

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