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Police promote ‘Don’t Guess the Yes’ consent campaign

Don't Guess the Yes

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A T-shirt from the Don’t Guess the Yes campaign to highlight the importance of consent.
Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

Wellington police spent Friday evening bar-hopping to remind hospitality staff how to help prevent sexual assault while people party at their venues.

Police hit the pubs to educate staff as part of the capital’s Don’t Guess the Yes campaign, which has run since 2018.

The campaign is targeted at young men and focused on consent when partying and alcohol are involved, to prevent sexual harm.

Don’t Guess the Yes leader Detective Sergeant Jacqui Rodger said bar staff were encouraged to look out for uncomfortable situations and help shut them down

“Going up to people in the bar, wiping down tables, having a chat to them and saying ‘Hey, what’s going on, how’s your night going?’ sort of thing,” Rodger said.

“They’re really intuitive and they can obtain a bit of an idea of what’s happening, and if there’s something that’s not quite right then the response is trying to separate the parties.”

Bar owner Matt McLaughlin said staff should help stop bad behaviour by calling it out and helping those in trouble.

“It’s all about prevention, intervention and response,” McLaughlin said.

“What can we do as hospitality staff and hospitality operators to try and curb unwanted sexual advances.”

Don’t Guess the Yes was rolled out in Auckland earlier this week after what police said was a big success in the capital over the last five years.

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