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Gloriavale welcomes judge’s ruling on milk collection

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Gloriavale Christian Community is welcoming the decision by the High Court to grant an injunction ordering Westland Milk Products to continue to collect its milk.

Canaan Farming Dairy Ltd director Samuel Valor said it would continue to work closely with the dairy company and build on what had been a mutually beneficial relationship for a long time.

He noted that Gloriavale was a significant contributor to the West Coast economy.

The decision provided wider assurance to other interests with mutual relationships with Gloriavale, Valor said.

“We believe this will give confidence to other businesses.”

All that Canaan wanted to do was ensure it was treated fairly under the law by Westland Milk Products.

“They didn’t cancel their contract with us – they said they wouldn’t pick up our milk,” he said.

The judgment recognised that “innocent people” would be adversely affected and the basis of the action towards Canaan was not justified.

As well as being one of Westland’s largest milk suppliers, Canaan was also its only winter milk supplier.

Significantly, the Canaan group had complied with Westland’s excellence programmes for suppliers, Valor said.

Overall the dairy business generated $8 million in income, with $1m of labour benefit back to those employed.

“Up to 60 percent of that $8 million goes back into the wider West Coast business community.”

Valor said Gloriavale was in a “time of transition” and was being closely scrutinised in the media.

“This is a process that we are working through. We will continue to improve, and we will comply with the legislation the government sets down.

“We’re complying, we are willing to comply, and we will comply.”

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