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Flood warnings for South Australian towns as Murray River rises


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Residents of South Australia’s Riverland region are bracing for flooding as the Murray River rises, with those living in some low lying areas told to consider evacuating. File photo.
Photo: RNZ/Ian Telfer

Residents, business owners and local authorities in South Australia, are bracing themselves for more flooding, as water levels rise along the Murray River.

The State Emergency Service (SES) issued fresh warnings for the Riverland region today, with some people in low lying areas told to consider evacuating.

The South Australian government is predicting between 190 and 220 giga-litres of water a day will flow down the river as the flood peaks in late December.

The SES said residents of Ponde should prepare to isolate due to a levee breach and warned that power and water supplies may become interrupted.

It said those who planned to leave or who were not prepared to isolate were advised to consider evacuating if it was safe to do so.

A similar warning was issued for the nearby town of Murrawong on Sunday afternoon, due to a potential levee breach.

‘She’s seen it before’

The historic Overland Corner Hotel in Riverland would usually be bustling on Sunday lunch, but not this weekend.

The pub had to evacuate suddenly on Saturday night after concerns about its levee, which was built in 1974.

Owner Brad Flowers said it was a “devastating” blow, particularly coming off the back of Covid-19 restrictions and with a significant number of bookings over the busy Christmas period.

“So we frantically have been on the phone all night and this morning, made all the calls to unfortunately apologise,” he said.

“They’ve all been great and been understanding but, yeah, tough time.”

Flowers remains optimistic about the future of the hotel, which was built in 1856.

“She’s an old girl,” he said.

“She’s been around 166 years, so the 1956 flood was over the door frame, up to the windows.

“So she’s seen it before, but a fair bit of work ahead for the next two weeks.”


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