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Flood-damaged Epsom home targeted by thieves

Epsom resident Erena Tanabe with local MP David Seymour

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Erena Tanabe’s home was damaged in the floodwaters on 1 February.
Photo: RNZ

At least nine homes in the Auckland suburb of Epsom have been broken into after being damaged by floodwaters.

Erena Tanabe’s first floor unit was inundated during last week’s floods, then it was robbed.

“It’s just ridiculous that people think that it’s okay to rob flooded places, when we’ve already been affected so much,” she said.

At least nine properties in the area, her neighbours and the block behind them, had signs of forced entry, Tanabe said.

Epsom MP David Seymour expressed disgust when he learnt Tanabe’s home had been hit by burglars.

He had visited Tanabe after her home flooded.

“I hope the police catch them, and I hope that the courts and jury take into account the absolute callousness and cruelty of robbing people who have so little left,” Seymour said.

The cleanup effort was different for each resident, he said.

“Everyone is going through a process, get rid of the water, get rid of damaged debris, cut out cardboard and jib board, and then get the insurance assessor in and start making a plan.”

Another Epsom resident, Nick, said the clean up on his street was taking too long.

He wanted the council to do more, saying it had neglected the area he lives in.

“Get off your butts, bureaucratic nonsense,” he said.

“We haven’t seen a councillor or a local board member, that I’m aware of, down our street, asking residents how they can help, and if that’s the same throughout Auckland, I pity those areas that are worse off than ours,” he said.

Police were encouraging residents to contact 111 immediately if they saw anything suspicious, and to report an incident after it has occurred to Police via 105 or online.

Story Credit: rnz.co.nz

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