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This Valentine’s Day, the price of candy — and of romance itself — has gone up and here are 5 essential EV charging apps

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This Valentine’s Day, the price of candy — and of romance itself — has gone up

Increases in the costs of labor, manufacturing, shipping, warehousing and energy, along with disruptions to the supply chain, have taken a toll on prices. Read More

I will leave my daughter my house, but she doesn’t want to take over my $250,000 mortgage. Should she rent the house, or just sell it?

‘My suggestion to her is to lease the house when it ends up in her hands.’ Read More

‘I feel heartbroken’: My father refinanced my late mother’s house, even though she wanted it to be divided among all the family. What recourse do I have?

‘I have a copy of my mom’s will that my dad reluctantly shared with my brother and me, but I could not find the original will.’ Read More

‘I am trying to feverishly save for retirement’: My fiancé pays $1,700 a month to the IRS and owes student debt. We’re both 57. Should I marry him for his Social Security and pension?

‘For 14 of these years my fiancé worked many jobs, and always had payroll tax deductions, but chose not to file yearly income taxes’ Read More

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day chocolate gift? Try this liqueur.

This Mozart-themed sip is made in Salzburg, Austria, the composer’s birthplace. Read More

What’s a credit card loan? It’s likely cheaper and better than a cash advance—here’s how it works.

A cash advance from a credit card is useful in a pinch, but can cost you big time in interest. But newer, less expensive loan programs have several benefits. Read More

5 essential EV charging apps

EV charging apps are useful for getting the most out of any electric car. Here are the popular ones, which apps you need, and the best ones to keep on hand. Read More

New electric Lexus debuts; it’s a modest first effort

Lexus has begun accepting orders for the 2023 Lexus RZ all-electric SUV, and delivering in March. Read More


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