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These money and investing tips can fill your portfolio with holiday cheer

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Be on guard against Wall Street’s 2023 forecasts

Few forecasters ever go back and assess how their previous forecasts fared Read More

Value stocks keep leading the market, and these are the 16 best picks from top investment newsletters

The easing of inflation has helped value stocks more than it has the benchmark S&P 500. Read More

If the bulls really were in control, these stock market sectors would be leaders right now

Market sectors that typically do well at the end of bear markets are lagging. Read More

Bear market speeds up ‘great migration’ out of mutual funds into ETFs

This week’s ETF Wrap looks at ETF flows in 2022’s bear market and how some assets have fared as investors focus on 2023. Read More

The stock market is skating close to the edge. If it breaks below this level, the drop could be big.

A decline of just 2% would mean the benchmark index would lose support, according to technical analysis. Read More

This fund beats the S&P 500 by using just 75 of its components. Here’s how it works.

A combination of quality and lower prices has worked well through bull and bear markets — it may be just the ticket for investors worried about a recession. Read More

Five energy companies are seeing big stock buying from their executives after this year’s big run

Catalysts abound for higher energy prices in the year ahead. Read More

‘I’m bullish because everybody is bearish’: Investment managers see gains possible in 2023 despite recessionary jitters

Natixis money managers plan to ride positive trends in stocks and fixed income even as markets swoon over inflation and worries around an economic downturn. Read More

These small-cap stocks might make you the most money in 2023, based on two important data points

Previous periods of low valuations have resulted in big comebacks for smaller companies. Read More

‘Anti-woke’ reaction? Fund giant Vanguard quits net-zero climate alliance.

Vanguard said it will track its climate-change focus independent of the sector’s net-zero alliance, as an effort to provide “clarity” to its investors. Read More

Do you suspect the stock market has peaked for 2022? These 4 clues will tell you if you’re right.

Use these indicators to identify market tops. Read More

These stocks should do even better than the S&P 500 once the Fed pivots to lower interest rates

Fed easing could weaken the U.S. dollar, which favors both non-U.S. markets and dollar-based investors. Read More


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