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The Best Golf Accessory Gifts This Holiday Season

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In the age of affordable fitting, the golf clubs lugged to the course become more a matter of personal choice and expert construction. Instead, anyone wishing to give the golfers in their lives appealing gifts often look to add-on options without graphite shafts and leather grips. 

Offering a range of prices and complexities from robots to earrings, there’s something for every aficionado of the game in our holiday golf gift guide.

Stewart Golf Remote Trolleys US$2,599-US$2,699

Stewart Golf Remote Trolleys sell for US$2,599-US$2,699.

Stewart Golf

Stewart Golf makes traditional push carts for players who insist on walking 18 holes. It’s also leading the way to golf’s future with its remote trolleys—wheeled robot caddies that follow their owners along on the course carrying his or her sticks. Selling at US$2,699 for its Q Follow and US$2,599 for the slightly smaller X10 Follow, Stewart’s latest models forgo remote control technology for new A.I., allowing the trolleys to track anywhere on the course from fairway to rough with rugged, all-terrain tires.

Minimal Golf MNML Golf Bag MV2 US$259

Minimal Golf MNML Golf Bag MV2.


The company name says it all. Minimal Golf looks to take on necessary golf accessories and redesign them with simpler, starker, and almost Scandinavian results. Weighing just 5 lbs., this four-divider stand bag has a backpack style harness to get the golfer out of the single loop. It has an onboard Bluetooth speaker and a solar charging bank to keep smartphones alive during the round.

Paynter Golf Shoes Starting at US$109

A new player in the golf shoe market, Paynter’s kicks offer some unique material constructions to take golf’s unusual ergonomics into play. First, the Paynter designers put leather to work on the top side for toughness and weather resistance. Then, considering the unique way the golf swing makes a player launch weight from the back foot before pressing down with the front, the Paynter crew installs carbon fiber underneath the foot to act as a propulsion plate, harnessing the followthrough’s weight shift. Finally, the shoes’ construction uses an Ariaprene tongue to hold the foot in place and a molded orthopedic footbed to maintain a peaceful fit. The end result is one of the more all-day comfortable shoes in golf.

Blue Tees Player Pack US$399

Rather than choose a laser rangefinder or a golf cart speaker for a player in need come gift giving season, the Blue Tees Player Pack includes all of the above with a magnetic hub and a six-function divot tool tossed in for effect. The Blue Tees 3 Max laser rangefinder offers slope readings and packs a range of 900 yards. Onboard AI locks onto the flagstick reliably—all readable through a light-shielded eyepiece display.

The Player Magnetic Wireless Speaker is weather-resistant and slaps onto any golf cart with a magnetic strip. It holds a 12-hour charge (or about three times the length of an average golf round) and can power a smartphone along the way.

Stix Golf Starting at $559

Stix Golf pledges to build basic clubs that perform better than other newbie sets.

Stix Golf

Golf clubs for beginners or players flirting with the game often feel like a trip to a second-rate dentist—cheap and numb, but serviceable. Stix Golf is the only club offering in this collection because it pledges to build basic clubs that perform better than other newbie sets.

While other introductory club builders rely on stainless steel and less expensive alloys, Stix reaches for a bit of graphite and titanium in its shafts and club heads. Most importantly, their goal is to keep their clubs at a more reachable price than equipment aimed at veteran players. 

Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor US$4,999

Arriving in a solidly built, high-impact case, the Full Swing Kit Launch Monitor can journey with the passionate golfer to any practice space. Working with its free app, the Full Swing Kit tracks every shot, analyzing results and immediately reporting the data visually and audibly.

It’s a tool that presents a dedicated player with enough precise information to work on genuine game improvement. Reading everything from distance and direction to spin rate and swing path, the launch monitor proves especially effective when paired with a human coach. The device can tell its owner what he or she is doing wrong—while waiting for a human expert to step in and share how to fix it.


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