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Technology job postings up 25% in 10 months through October, as mass layoffs mask health of underlying market, says Dice

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Technology job postings are up 25% in the period from January through October compared with the same period in 2021, according to the latest report from career platform Dice, which is owned by DHI Group Inc.
The news may surprise coming after a stream of tech layoffs, which total more than 90,000 as of Dec. 9, according to data from Crunchbase. The layoffs are “masking the continued health of the overall market,” said Dice. There were more than 375,000 tech jobs posted in October and many are in non-traditional tech sectors, including healthcare, aerospace, finance and consulting. Tech workers are in high demand as organizations continue to build out their digital presence with job postings for software developers and back-end engineers more than doubling compared with 2021. “Telemedicine continues its rapid expansion, people want to book their airfare and hotel rooms on their phones, we do our banking through an app — nearly every part of our lives is online today,” said Dice chief executive Art Zeile, in a statement. The high cost of living in traditional tech hubs like Silicon Valley and New York are making other cities more attractive for remote workers, with states like Florida, Pennsylvania and Arizona rising as locations for employers and workers, Dice found.


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