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People Can’t Stop ‘Spotify Snooping’ on Friends, Exes, and Crushes


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When we play songs on Spotify to get us through the day, they can be intimate—and sometimes also publicly visible.

Many people have sharing settings enabled on the music-streaming service, making it easy for friends or strangers to find out what they’re listening to, and by extension, what they’re doing or how they’re feeling. A guilty pleasure (“MMMBop,” anyone?), your repeat listen (yes, Taylor Swift’s “Midnights”) or a playlist name may reveal personal information to those who are snooping.

People who have been “Spotify snooping” have been coming clean on TikTok in recent months. Some users have posted videos detailing how they discovered their crush is dating someone, while others have shared tips on how to do some snooping of your own.

Regina Ticoalu, an 18-year-old college student in Colorado, says she has done some Spotify snooping to form deeper bonds with friends and acquaintances. She also snoops at times to check on people no longer in her life.

When Ms. Ticoalu looked up what her ex-boyfriend was listening to in November, she saw “Glimpse of Us” by Joji, a song about starting to date again after a relationship ended. Because he played the song so soon after their breakup, it led her to believe the two events were related.

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