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How many available list spots your club has ahead of AFL draft, lodgement deadline, latest news

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The first of the AFL’s second chance windows opens for a week from Thursday, when delisted free agents can officially sign with a new club.

That period is followed by the list lodgement deadline on November 10 for players to retire and out-of-contract players to nominate for the drafts, which run between November 28 and 30.

Delisted free agents can also sign with teams from November 11 to 15.

Here is the list state of play for every club only weeks out from the national draft.

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Arrivals: Izak Rankine (traded/Gold Coast)

Departures: Luke Brown (retired), Ben Davis (delisted), Billy Frampton (traded/Collingwood), James Rowe (delisted), Brett Turner (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 41 (two category B rookies)

Draft picks: 46, 56, 59

The Crows have three vacant list spots, with one to be used matching a bid on father-son defender Max Michalanney. The promising South Australian defender is unlikely to make it past the second round in the draft. They have left the door ajar to redraft mid-season selection Turner as a rookie, while Jordon Butts and Kieran Strachan are likely to be promoted to the main list.


Arrivals: Josh Dunkley (traded/Western Bulldogs), Jack Gunston (traded/Hawthorn)

Departures: Tom Berry (traded/Gold Coast), Nakia Cockatoo (delisted), Mitchell Cox (delisted), Ryan Lester (delisted), Connor McFadyen (delisted), Dan McStay (free agency), Mitch Robinson (retired), Ely Smith (delisted), Deividas Uosis (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 37 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 34, 35, 36, 38, 55, 73

The Lions enter the national draft with 33 players on their senior list and will match likely first-round bids on father-son prospects Will Ashcroft and Jaspa Fletcher. They actively acquired more draft points in the trade period to help that cause and are expected to continue doing so. A third father-son-eligible player, Darryl McDowell-White, is set to join Brisbane as a category B rookie, while they are also committed to redrafting Nakia Cockatoo – who is already contracted for 2023 but not counted above – and Ryan Lester.


Arrivals: Blake Acres (traded/Fremantle)

Departures: Will Hayes (delisted), Liam Jones (free agency/Western Bulldogs), Oscar McDonald (delisted), Jack Newnes (delisted), Luke Parks (delisted), Will Setterfield (traded/Essendon), Liam Stocker (delisted), Tom Williamson (delisted)

Uncontracted (1): Ed Curnow

Contracted: 38 (one category B rookie)

Draft picks: 10, 29, 49, 66

The older Curnow brother will be on the Blues’ list next year but they are yet to decide whether to keep the midfielder on the senior list or delist him and redraft him as a rookie. They have five list openings, assuming the other category B rookie spot won’t be filled. Matt Owies must be upgraded onto the primary list after starting his career as a category B rookie.

Brownlow medallist Tom Mitchell has joined his third AFL club, Collingwood. Picture: Michael KleinSource: News Corp Australia


Arrivals: Billy Frampton (traded/Adelaide), Bobby Hill (traded/GWS Giants), Dan McStay (free agency/Brisbane), Tom Mitchell (traded/Hawthorn)

Departures: Callum Brown (delisted), Tyler Brown (delisted), Isaac Chugg (delisted), Brodie Grundy (traded/Melbourne), Ollie Henry (traded/Geelong), Mark Keane (retired), Jack Madgen (delisted), Liam McMahon (delisted), Cooper Murley (delisted), Caleb Poulter (delisted), Jordan Roughead (retired)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 38 (one category B rookie)

Draft picks: 16, 25, 27, 51

The Magpies were one of the busiest clubs in the trade period – bringing in four players who could all be in the best 23 from round 1 – and have three quality draft picks to help fill their remaining five spots. They can also add a second category B rookie. Collingwood is committed to redrafting the contracted Murley in the rookie draft, if another club doesn’t get in first. Jack Ginnivan and John Noble are prime candidates to be promoted.


Arrivals: Will Setterfield (traded/Carlton), Sam Weideman (traded/Melbourne)

Departures: Cody Brand (delisted), Tom Cutler (delisted), Aaron Francis (traded/Sydney Swans), Brayden Ham (delisted), Tom Hird (delisted), Michael Hurley (retired), Garrett McDonagh (delisted), Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti (retired), Devon Smith (retired), Alec Waterman (delisted)

Uncontracted (3): Josh Eyre, Jye Menzie, Cian McBride

Contracted: 35 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 4, 22, 54, 62, 68, 72

There are still decisions to be made on Eyre, Menzie and Irishman McBride before the AFL’s second list lodgement on November 10. The Bombers will have six list openings, including a second category B rookie spot, if all three players score a contract for 2023. Two of those vacancies will be filled by the Davey twins, Alwyn jnr and Jayden, who have nominated Essendon to be father-son selections.


Arrivals: Josh Corbett (traded/Gold Coast), Luke Jackson (traded/Melbourne), Jaeger O’Meara (traded/Hawthorn)

Departures: Blake Acres (traded/Carlton), Connor Blakely (delisted), Mitch Crowden (delisted), Rory Lobb (traded/Western Bulldogs), Griffin Logue (traded/North Melbourne), Lloyd Meek (traded/Hawthorn), David Mundy (retired), Darcy Tucker (traded/North Melbourne), Luke Valente (retired), Joel Western (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 36 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 30, 44, 67, 76

Mid-season draftee Sebit Kuek has re-signed for next year but discussions are ongoing with Irishman Ultan Kelm, who previously committed as an international category B rookie for the 2023 season. Lachie Schultz is expected to be promoted to the senior list, with the Dockers set to fill their remaining six list spots at the draft, including four picks in the national draft.

Jack Bowes and Gold Coast’s pick seven headed to Geelong in one of the trade period’s most-talked-about deals. Picture: Getty ImagesSource: Getty Images


Arrivals: Jack Bowes (traded/Gold Coast), Tanner Bruhn (traded/GWS Giants), Ollie Henry (traded/Collingwood)

Departures: Luke Dahlhaus (retired), Francis Evans (delisted), Shaun Higgins (retired), Oisin Mullin, Quinton Narkle (delisted), Joel Selwood (retired), Cooper Stephens (traded/Hawthorn), Nick Stevens (delisted), Paul Tsapatolis (delisted), Zane Williams (delisted)

Uncontracted (1): Sam Simpson

Contracted: 36 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 7, 58, 64

A successful trade period capped a brilliant year for the Cats, who not only won the premiership but have strengthened their list – despite Selwood’s retirement – and got younger. Winning the Bowes sweepstakes ensures they have at least one high draft pick as well. They are also favoured to sign ex-Bomber Conor McKenna with one of their six list vacancies, excluding category B rookie spots.


Arrivals: Tom Berry (traded/Brisbane), Ben Long (traded/St Kilda)

Departures: Jack Bowes (traded/Geelong), Matt Conroy (delisted), Josh Corbett (traded/Fremantle), Oleg Markov (delisted), Jez McLennan (delisted), Patrick Murtagh (delisted), Rhys Nicholls (delisted), Izak Rankine (traded/Adelaide)

Uncontracted (4): Charlie Constable (unrestricted free agent), Oskar Faulkhead, Hewago Paul Oea, James Tsitas

Contracted: 35 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 5, 45, 71, 74

The Suns have offered one-year contracts to Constable, Faulkhead, category B rookie Oea and Tsitas and will head to the draft with three senior list spots open, one of which will be filled by a top-line draft prospect. The fact their second pick isn’t until 45, which will improve once opposition clubs match bids on father-son players, leaves some unknown about what Gold Coast will do at the national draft. Levi Casboult is among the rookies who could be upgraded.


Arrivals: Toby Bedford (traded/Melbourne)

Departures: Jarrod Brander (delisted), Tanner Bruhn (traded/Geelong), Matt de Boer (retired), Bobby Hill (traded/Collingwood), Jacob Hopper (traded/Richmond), Zach Sproule (delisted), Jake Stein (delisted), Tim Taranto (traded/Richmond)

Uncontracted (1): Will Shaw

Contracted: 37 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 1, 15, 18, 19, 31, 57, 61

Bedford will help fill the Giants’ small forward void but the trade period was mostly about gathering high picks and saving salary cap space, with the exits of stars Hopper and Taranto, up-and-comer Bruhn and livewire Hill. A decision is yet to be announced on Shaw but fellow category B rookie Callum Brown must be upgraded. They have a strong draft hand to fill their five list vacancies as the Adam Kingsley era begins.

Former Docker Lloyd Meek (left) will challenge for the No.1 ruck mantle at the Hawks next season. Picture: Michael KleinSource: News Corp Australia


Arrivals: Karl Amon (free agency/Port Adelaide), Lloyd Meek (traded/Fremantle), Cooper Stephens (traded/Geelong)

Departures: Jackson Callow (delisted), Connor Downie (delisted), Jack Gunston (free agency/Brisbane), Kyle Hartigan (delisted), Daniel Howe (delisted), Ben McEvoy (retired), Tom Mitchell (traded/Collingwood), Jaeger O’Meara (traded/Fremantle), Tom Phillips (delisted), Jack Saunders (delisted), Liam Shiels (retired)

Uncontracted (1): Seamus Mitchell

Contracted: 35 (one category B rookie)

Draft picks: 6, 24, 41, 48, 50, 52, 65

A decision must be made on the Hawks’ last uncontracted player, Seamus Mitchell, by the AFL’s second list lodgement on November 10. Jai Newcombe is a strong candidate if they promote someone from the rookie list, while Hawthorn is set to use as many as five picks at the national draft. Their draft hand will be even better once Brisbane and Adelaide match early bids on father-son prospects, with Sam Mitchell’s rebuild going into overdrive.


Arrivals: Brodie Grundy (traded/Collingwood), Lachie Hunter (traded/Western Bulldogs), Josh Schache (traded/Western Bulldogs),

Departures: Oskar Baker (delisted), Toby Bedford (traded/GWS Giants), Mitch Brown (retired), Majak Daw (retired), Jayden Hunt (free agency/West Coast), Luke Jackson (traded/Fremantle), Fraser Rosman (delisted), Sam Weideman (traded/Essendon)

Uncontracted (2): Michael Hibberd, Jake Melksham

Contracted: 37 (two category B rookies)

Draft picks: 13, 37

Veterans Hibberd and Melksham will go around again and could be re-signed as soon as this week. The 2021 premiers will use two selections at the national draft but upgrade Kade Chandler, who will have more opportunity with Bedford’s departure, to meet the AFL minimum of three picks. That will leave three rookie vacancies, although the Demons may leave a spot for a pre-season or mid-season draft recruit. Their second category B rookie, on top of Andy Moniz-Wakefield, is fresh signing Kyah Farris-White.


Arrivals: Griffin Logue (traded/Fremantle), Darcy Tucker (traded/Fremantle)

Departures: Jed Anderson (delisted), Atu Bosenavulagi (delisted), Kyron Hayden (delisted), Jason Horne-Francis (traded/Port Adelaide), Tom Lynch (retired), Matt McGuinness (delisted), Kayne Turner (delisted), Josh Walker (delisted), Patrick Walker (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 37 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 2, 3, 23, 40, 43, 70

The four-club mega deal that, in part, sent Horne-Francis to Port Adelaide and the Kangaroos’ No.1 pick to the Giants saw North secure, among other selections, picks 2 and 3 in this year’s draft and the Power’s future first-rounder. The Roos will use four selections at the national draft and add three more rookies, benefiting from the AFL’s assistance package that allows them to have two extra players on the rookie list.

Jason Horne-Francis was a centrepiece of the four-club mega deal that saw him leave North Melbourne for Port Adelaide. Picture: Brenton EdwardsSource: News Corp Australia


Arrivals: Jason Horne-Francis (traded/North Melbourne), Junior Rioli (traded/West Coast)

Departures: Karl Amon (free agency/Hawthorn), Martin Frederick (delisted), Robbie Gray (retired), Sam Mayes (delisted), Steven Motlop (retired), Taj Schofield (delisted), Sam Skinner (delisted), Dylan Williams (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 37 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 33, 60

There are five list vacancies at the Power, excluding the two open category B rookie places, and at least two of those and as many as three will be filled at the national draft. That follows Port’s impressive trade period raid, which netted the club Horne-Francis and Rioli. The Power will upgrade Jake Pasini from the rookie list and redraft the contracted-but-delisted Williams – the No.23 pick in the 2019 draft – as a rookie.


Arrivals: Jacob Hopper (traded/GWS Giants), Tim Taranto (traded/GWS Giants)

Departures: Jake Aarts (delisted), Josh Caddy (retired), Riley Collier-Dawkins (delisted), Shane Edwards (retired), Kane Lambert (retired), Will Martyn (delisted), Matthew Parker (delisted), Sydney Stack (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 38 (one category B rookie)

Draft picks: 53, 63

The Tigers made their big splash in the trade period, trading for Giants midfielders Hopper and Taranto, so they will use only two late draft picks this year. They will upgrade Marlion Pickett to the primary list to meet the AFL’s list requirements. There is a chance Richmond will leave a rookie spot open for a pre-season or mid-season draft recruit.


Arrivals: Zaine Cordy (free agency/Western Bulldogs)

Departures: Jarryn Geary (retired), Dan Hannebery (retired), Darragh Joyce (delisted), Dean Kent (retired), Jarrod Lienert (delisted), Ben Long (traded/Gold Coast), Josiah Kyle (delisted), Paddy Ryder (retired)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 37 (one category B rookie)

Draft picks: 9, 28, 32, 47

The Saints have six list openings, assuming they don’t add a second category B rookie to former Olympic aspirant Jack Peris. They told us their quiet trade period owed to a want to back in the club’s existing youth and bring in more young talent. Four picks in the top 50 at the national draft will go towards that cause as St Kilda prepares for Ross Lyon’s second stint as coach.

Aaron Francis will have a fresh start at Sydney after a challenging start to his career at the Bombers. Picture: Michael KleinSource: News Corp Australia


Arrivals: Aaron Francis (traded/Essendon)

Departures: James Bell (delisted), Josh Kennedy (retired), Sam Naismith (delisted), Barry O’Connor (delisted), Colin O’Riordan (retired), Ben Ronke (delisted), Callum Sinclair (retired), Lewis Taylor (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 38 (one category B rookie)

Draft picks: 14, 17, 42, 75

Two top-20 draft picks will deliver the Swans a great chance to add more quality to a team already brimming with promising young players. Sydney will use only one more selection after that in the national draft and up to two in the rookie draft, although it could keep a spot open. The Swans can also add another category B rookie, with Marc Sheather filling the other. Hayden McLean and Sam Wicks will both be upgraded to the senior list.


Arrivals: Jayden Hunt (free agency/Melbourne)

Departures: Hugh Dixon (delisted), Tom Joyce (delisted), Josh Kennedy (retired), Zac Langdon (delisted), Patrick Naish (delisted), Jackson Nelson (delisted), Jack Redden (retired), Junior Rioli (traded/Port Adelaide), Zane Trew (delisted), Isiah Winder (delisted)

Uncontracted (2): Shannon Hurn, Connor West

Contracted: 33 (no category B rookies)

Draft picks: 8, 12, 20, 26

These are unusual times for the Eagles, who have so far delisted three contracted players – Langdon, Trew and Winder – without guaranteeing any of them will be redrafted. Club great Hurn and West also remain unsigned ahead of the second list lodgement on November 10, leaving a stack of list spots up for grabs. West Coast hopes four top-30 picks at the national draft will supercharge its rebuild.


Arrivals: Liam Jones (free agency/Carlton), Rory Lobb (traded/Fremantle)

Departures: Louis Butler (delisted), Zaine Cordy (free agency/St Kilda), Josh Dunkley (traded/Brisbane), Lachie Hunter (traded/Melbourne), Stefan Martin (retired), Charlie Parker (delisted), Josh Schache (traded/Melbourne), Mitch Wallis (delisted)

Uncontracted: None

Contracted: 38 (one category B rookie)

Draft picks: 11, 21, 39, 69

The Bulldogs have five list vacancies, or six if a second category B rookie is included, and have a good draft hand to help fill them. They are set to make three picks at the national draft and up to two more in the rookie draft, unless a spot is left open. Buku Khamis and Jordon Sweet must be upgraded under league rules on how long players can be on the rookie list.

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